Is Barcelona Safe?
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Barcelona is Dali country a city where gothic meets abstract and modern architecture, where everybody stays up late to eat and drink, and where there is plenty to do and see. Here youll find beaches, cultural attractions, history, and more than enough to keep you busy for a lifetime. Its one hell of a place.

But there ARE a few problems with Barcelona. Its the flashpoint for protests and demonstrations to do with theCatalan independence movement, which is still abig issue.For that matter, theres a BIG problem with petty theft.

So, of course, we totally understand if youre wondering, well, is Barcelona safe? Its a fair question in all honesty.

This is exactly why we have decided to create this huge insiders guide tostaying safe in Barcelona.

There is a whole lot of ground that we are going to be covering in this epic guide. That means everything from food safety to how safe it is to drive in Barcelona, all the way to how safe it is to visit RIGHT NOW.

We understand if you might be concerned. Maybe youre worried as a solo female traveller heading to Barcelona, or maybe youre just wondering if you should be taking your family to the Catalan capital right now. Whatever it is, dont worry we are here to help you out.

Is Barcelona Safe to Visit? (The facts.)

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Final thoughts on the safety of Barcelona

Art, architecture, history, and culture; four reasons to visit Barcelona. Add nine beaches into the mix, as well as a load of OTHER things to see and do, andBarcelona is apretty cool city to visit.For sure.

Butpetty crime is a MAJOR problem in Barcelona. A HUGE influx of tourism has brought a LOAD of thieves looking to score and the latter has become pretty good at their job. With distraction techniques, deft pickpocketing, and so manycrowds, it can berelatively easyto have your money stolen in Barcelona.

TheCatalan independence movementhas also brought a dash of discontent to the city as well. While its currently no Basque Independence Movement (and we hope it never becomes like this) you never know when it comes to Spanish politics.

At the end of the day, Spain is one of Europessafest countriesand Barcelona is still one of the most desirable cities on this continent. Every day, Barcelona receives an unfathomable amount of tourists and sometimes theres no stopping them.

There areso many touriststhat the locals have even coined a name for it:parquetematizacinthe act of the cityturning into a themepark). Residents of Barcelona are worried the city will lose its identity amidstthrongs of tourists.

There is no such thing as a perfect safety guide, and this article is no different. The question of Is Barcelona Safe? will ALWAYS have a different answer depending on the parties involved. But this article is written for savvy travellers from the perspective of savvy travellers.

The information present in this safety guide was accurate at the time of writing, however, the world is a changeable place, now more than ever. Between the pandemic, ever-worsening cultural division, and a click-hungry media, it can be hard to maintain what is truth and what is sensationalism.

Here, you will find safety knowledge and advice for travelling Barcelona. It wont be down to the wire cutting edge info on the most current events, but it is layered in the expertise of veteran travellers. If you use our guide,do your own research,and practise common sense, you will have a safe trip to Barcelona.

If you see any outdated information in this guide, we would really appreciate it if you could reach out in the comments below. We strive to provide the most relevant travel information on the web and always appreciate input from our readers (nicely, please!). Otherwise, thanks for your ear and stay safe!

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