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Update of pages showing recently-hatched birds:

Afeature article from ten years ago, highlighted photos in our Photo Gallery of 35 species of recently hatched birds --the cutest birds youll ever see!The number is now up to105 species(in 2022). Here arelinks to the updated pages.

he 2021 Hanna Hummingbird Haven year has started at the cabin of Dena & Jim Reid in Hanna, Utah,.The Rufus males start leaving after the 1st week of August, so the end of June through July is the best time to visit .Visitors are welcome!

(Note: .I need to remind people I do not have public restrooms available and that they need to visit the Hanna store at mile post 37 for those necessities.I do not let anyone inside our home. And the river at the moment is fast , strong, and cold dangerous

here are description and directions to over 500 birding places on the Utah Birds website. We now have links to the eBird sightings for almost all of them, both in the index of birding sites and on the individual pages describing the places to bird found on theCounty Pages.Through each eBird link you can also find other eBird information for nearby places, by using the Hotspot map, so once youve found one place you can easily find information for other places in the area.

hotos of aleucistic Yellow-headed Blackbirdby Kris Purdy and a leucistic Black-billed Magpieby Margaret Sloan have been added to go along with the

photo by Neil Fellows added recently toour collection. We now have at least 26 species in our albino collection.

eres a series of pictures taken by Ernest Harlow of aBarn Swallow nestin Brigham City. This shows everything from eggs, to featherless hatchings, to downy chicks, to feathered chick ready to go, to the empty feather-lined nest.

any excellent photos of bird nests, birds nesting and young birds fresh from their nests, have been sent in byUtah photographers. A new article on Bird Nests and Nesting Schemes with some of these photos and information about eleven different types of nests or nesting schemes has been posted on our website. A big thank you to the photographers who have shared their photos with us.

t the October meeting of theUtah County Birders,

gave a presentation on identifying Utah Winter Gulls, which has now been adapted and expanded for the

website. Its become a work in process and wed like you to take a look and give us some feedback on how we can improve it -- and you may be able to learn to better identify thewinter gulls in Utahat the same time.

ed Fitzgerald took photos of some nesting robins capturing a couple of fortuitous photos of the fecal sac phenomenon. Heres a link of the series from incubation to fledglings producing the Next Generation of Robins.

Here are some links to the Bird Humor section of our feature pages:

- Change is in the Air (A stealthy Starling is up to something).

- Moms Favorite (How you can tell youre NOT).

- Snack-lifting (A clever little gull is hooked on junk food).

- Heavenly Smiley Faces (Smiley faces are use in emails and...)

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Banner photo:Yellow-billed Cuckoo by Pomera M. Fronce - Pomera M. Fronce